Helen Wingstedt

Natural Healer. Spiritual Teacher.

The Logic of Wellness

Is it logical to put your health and future in somebody else’s hands when they offer you no cure and suggest life long medication, coping and restriction? 

I don’t think so and co-incidentally, I’m the only person I know to have recovered from ‘mental illness’. 

I’m a natural healer. I’m also a critical thinker, a rational problem solver, someone who works on the basis of evidence and results and with that in mind, I let my clients speak for themselves.

I quickly recognised I'd found the real deal...

Anita Sawyer MBA RSM, The Royal Society of Medicine & British Psychological Society

The master of energy and motivation...

Denis Campbell CEO, Monknash Media. Editor, UK Progressive Magazine​

One of the most important gifts of my life...

Dr Nicolette Bartlett, MSc, Corporate Leaders Network for Climate Action

Genius at work...

Roz Woodward, Digital Imaging Specialist, founding member of Getty Images team

Saved my dog from cancer twice...

Becky Jones, Professional Equestrian

Impossible to explain and do justice to...

Wendy Doig, Diabetes Prevention Co-ordinator

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