Helen Wingstedt


About Natural Positivity

Imagine feeling calm, relaxed, content and optimistic all the time not just when you’re on a break from everyday life. In ancient culture this way of being is called ‘Natural Positivity’.

Animal Association Techniques are the way Natural Positivity is achieved. A simple, yet powerful model the process involves the use of animal imagery, symbology and totems to catalyse change on every level.

There is no modern frame of reference for understanding this ancient approach. The only to understand it is to experience it for yourself. 

Get started with a simple Animal Totem ‘Reading’ to get the general idea.

Book a weekend Workshop to understand more or grab your jungle hat and coat for a life changing safari when you book a Wellness Programme or Spiritual Spa Retreat.

If you’re a dog or horse owner who sees the benefit of inner calm and clarity during the communication and training process, contact me to find out how I can help, without obligation.

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