Glass ceilings, work related stress, confidence limiters, presentation anxiety, stage fright, writers block, forgetfulness. There are so many words and phrases used to describe what’s stopping us but are they REALLY what’s stopping us?

Thoughts, feelings and emotions drive behaviour so if you’re behaving in a way that’s not working for you, your thoughts, feelings and emotions are the place to look for the remedy.

Thoughts, feelings and emotions are, however, the last place many of us want to look even if they do offer the tantalising promise of a life long solution rather than on-going, short term relief!

Coping techniques and management strategies might be popular but is that because we’ve all wimped out or because we unaware that solutions exist?

Spiritual Spa offers solutions so that coping isnt necessary. When you resolve the underlying reasons for performance issues rather than paper over the cracks, you discover that you haven’t even begun to fulfil your potential which is an incredibly exciting prospect.

To create a bespoke, professional performance solution that’s a perfect it for the life you’d rather lead contact Helen at Spiritual Spa on 0345 450 4481 or visit to learn more.








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