We all think we know about Katie Price (aka Jordan) don’t we? 

Apparently, she’s a party girl, a bad mother, a terrible wife and possibly a drug addict and/or alcoholic. She doesn’t give a s— about anyone and has a great life. She’s recently checked into the Priory for a ‘Spa Holiday’.  Katie is reportedly suffering with PTSD, however, we all know that you have to been in a war or the victim of a massive accident to have PTSD and as she’s had neither, the diagnosis is obviously wrong. She’s making it all up because that’s what Katie and others like her do to feel good, attract attention and earn millions… Right? Wrong.

Nobody has countless painful, plastic surgeries because they think they’re great how they are. Nobody gets married to deliberately endure the pain of a breakup. Nobody blows their fortune on booze and cocaine fuelled parties because they welcome rags rather than riches. There’s always a reason and the reason is always in the past. Bury the past and you’ll be burying your life and yourself along with it.

Children fall off bikes and swings, break body parts, get bitten by animals, hit by parents and bullied at school. They see pets, parents and friends die in real life and on YOU TUBE. It happens every day. When you’re forty you get it. You’ve been about. When you’re a new born and into your teens, you don’t get it.  You don’t know what to do with your fear and upset so you do nothing. Doing nothing is the source of most problems.

Accidents and other negative experiences you can’t control induce fear, panic and upset that children hang on to because they don’t know how to process the events out.

POST – after an event. TRAUMATIC – the event was frightening and upsetting. STRESS – it wound you up inside. DISORDER – the fear and upset changed the way you think, feel and behave. This applies to all people everywhere. EVERYONE has PTSD on some level that they’re unaware of. If it’s low level you’ll probably get by. If it’s not, you’ll become a casualty, just like Katie has.

Katie had a series of frightening experiences in her youth that she held onto.  These experiences altered her thoughts, feelings and emotions which in turn, changed her behaviour.  She’s now at the extreme end of the behaviour and dealing with the life devastation that often results.

SuperGal Academy Courses and Spiritual Spa Retreats offer people like Katie a clear, positive route out of difficulty that is unavailable at the Priory or any other medical establishment. If you’d like to learn more visit the website or contact us to find out how a Course or Retreat can help you.

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