Helen Wingstedt


About Me

I used to be a food, health and fitness fanatic. I had studied and qualified in various related practices (for fun) and as a triathlete took anatomy, physiology and the science of nutrition and exercise seriously.

It wasn’t until I unexpectedly suffered a breakdown at 35, that I realised how little I knew and that what I DID know couldn’t help me.

At 35, I was clinically depressed and stressed out. Diagnosed with generalised anxiety disorder and panic attacks I reached a point where I couldn’t read, drive, socialise or even hold a normal conversation.  Work was out of the question. Treatment was anti-depressants and coping techniques. The prognosis? no cure and no recovery; to me, a living death.


Being a pro-active, well-travelled, avid reader in an Executive role with a major Organisation, I found the prognosis of living death hard to take on board.

The future didn’t look bright. All I had on the horizon was more ‘mental illness’ to look forward to but what choice was there? Who was I to question doctors and challenge psychiatrists? I who lacked medical training and medical qualifications. What did I know? 

What I DID know was this: doctors couldn’t ‘cure’ me and if I listened and accepted what they said I’d be stuck with mental illness and all the s*** that goes with it.

I knew that relieving symptoms, talking about difficulties, coping, managing and moaning wasn’t for me. I didn’t want to die but I didn’t want to live like I was either, so I made a decision; to kill myself or recover. To recover, I had to challenge medical opinion and go it alone.

The journey to recovery opened up a whole new world of wellness to me that I hadn’t a clue about. Modern ideas and more importantly, ancient practices that are virtually unknown in the modern world.

I discovered that the only way to restore function is to deal with the reasons why function has been lost. Deal with the reasons why wellness and function have been lost and the need for long term management and medication fades away.  


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