Our Approach

We work with the non-physical to bring about physical change

Our Approach Works


If seeing really is believing then thoughts, feelings, emotions, memory and imagination don’t exist. The fact is, they do and form part of the ‘non-physical’ world that exists inside us all. 

People lose physical wellness as they age because their internal state changes. Their internal state changes as a result of inner conflict, negative dialogue, destructive thoughts and feelings, unprocessed, stored emotions and traumatic events that are ‘live’ and looping like video. These negative, internal states are common to all. They change the nature of our energy and the body can’t cope.

We work to change these negative states and reset your energy so that internally, you’re more positively charged than negatively charged. Physical symptoms reduce or fade away completely, depending on their severity.

Courses and Retreats move you through difficulty, away from discomfort and into calmer, clearer, lighter space. The more sessions you complete, the more youthful function you restore.  The process can’t be faked. The changes are immediate and noticeable. Book to target specific issues such as:

We understand this non-physical world. We also understand the way it affects physicality be it in terms of wellness, performance or when relating to others.

Work with the non-physical world in a knowledgeable way with natural abilities and trained skills and rapid, long lasting improvement is a reality as we’ve proven time and time again.

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