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“Not just the best Coach in Wales, the best in the world”

What our Supergal clients say

Helen is extra-ordinary healer. I have researched many approaches over the years but not ever experienced the speed, depth or power with which Helen works.  This is not a fluffy set of promises, or a soft option but fundamental work which has transformed me, my work life, family life and personal life in extra-ordinary ways I couldn not have anticipated. I am so glad I met Helen and am deeply grateful to her.  I look forward to more positive changes on every front.

Anita Sawyer-Vasan, Life Coach, MBA RSM, The Royal Society of Medicine & British Psychological Society


"One of the most important gifts of my life..."
There was a dead part of me, a brick wall that arrested my journey but with Helen I saw it for what it was. I was shell-shocked, overwhelmed and free and I started the dream job I never thought I could have.’

Dr Nicolette Bartlett, MSc, Corporate Leaders Network for Climate Action

"Helen is the master of motivation and energy..."
…and getting to the bottom of the real issues people face that hold them back. She achieves more in 90 minutes than others do in 90 weeks. Her intuitive sense and grounded Welsh sensibility make her ideal to work in any climate. I would unreservedly recommend her for helping any organisation in any climate.

Denis Campbell, Editor, UK Progressive Magazine​

"Helen was unlike anything I'd encountered before..."
I’m no stranger to developmental experiences but what I found with Helen was unlike anything I’d encountered before. Helen creates a framework for learning that really resonates; she is an exceptional facilitator whose clear, consistent and authentic communication opens up a world of self-discovery. If you have a hunger for self-development and the fulfilment of your Professional potential then look no further.”

Peter Tobias, IT Professional, London

"I can't believe how different I feel, my fear has gone!..."
I booked a Journey with Helen hoping for, but not expecting a big change, how wrong was I!! Helen quickly connected me with what has been stopping me my entire life. She found the root cause of my problem, connected me to it and suddenly, I was able to bulldoze through. The change was unbelievable. I’ve worked with Helen before and knew to expect positive results but even I hadn’t expected this kind of change!

Together, we dismantled the problem on every level, changing my thoughts, feelings and emotions and changing my outlook on myself and my life. On the other side of the problem, I can’t believe how different I feel and that my FEAR HAS GONE!!

I can’t wait to get on now and put into action the changes I’ve experienced today; let life and the story unfold!”

Rhian Jones, Site Manager

"My world changed overnight. Daily challenges melted away..."
Experience enabled me to quickly recognise I’d found the real deal. I was impressed by Helen’s integrity, warmth and insight. My world changed overnight. Daily challenges melted away. Energy levels soared and I am much happier. Each day is better than the last.’

Anita Sawyer- Vasan MBA RSM, The Royal Society of Medicine & British Psychological Society

"No matter which course you choose, life will never be the same..."
Helen connects at such a profound and powerful level to a part of me I can only describe as my ‘true self’. The changes are instantaneous, dramatic and automatically continue’

Sian Edwards BSc, Campaign Manager, Dogs Trust

"Helen has helped me transform every part of my life..."
Within minutes of meeting her, she knows exactly what the problem is and how you are without you having to say anything. She leads you to the answers you’ve been searching for all your life.

Dominic Silva, MD. Studio 27

"Words can’t explain how powerful Helen’s work is..."
I was a skeptic from a ‘science’ family and it takes a lot to convince me but the results speak for themselves. Only a matter of months ago depression, anxiety, lack of energy and indecisiveness were ruining my life. A part-time job was all I could manage and a small amount of stress would put me in a downward spiral for weeks or months and at worst I’d be bedridden for days. Today the depression and anxiety have gone. I work part-time and study full time. I have four offers of places at University at a time when competition’s never been so fierce. I also managed to drive there on the motorway – which was a milestone in itself as I’d been afraid of motorway driving for years. I feel normal again”

R. Jones, Complementary Therapist

"Not just the best in Wales, Helen’s the best in the world today..."
Highly intelligent, super sensitive, rarely gifted with an unparalleled razor-sharp clarity of insight, awareness and perspective. Helen and her results have to be experienced to be believed. Whatever you book will be a revelation. There is no frame of reference out there for what Helen is doing. I was stuck and not progressing, not able to move forward and make the most of myself or my work opportunities. I couldn’t make decisions; I feared the future, my drive, energy and focus had gone. That all changed the day I met Helen. She seems to know you better than you know yourself. Through her, I discovered a whole new world of possibility and interest.

I have made working with Helen an integral part of my life, like going to the gym. Fitness for the parts no other methods can reach, that actually facilitates everything else. The more you do, the more of you is unlocked, the more surprises are revealed and the more you find yourself able to do. I have a whole new lease of life, new business has come in and I am working in ways I never have before. Investing in yourself is the best investment anyone can make. Through Helen I found life really can begin at 40!

Roz Woodward
Digital Imager

"I had high expectations of Helen and she delivered..."
What I didn’t expect was to have the vision in my one eye (my “weak eye”) roughly doubled. It’s been a couple of months now, and it’s still the same. The shift in my perception of myself and of how I react to emotionally charged situations have been outstanding. I’m more in touch with my thoughts, emotions and reactions and better able to come to cooperative, heart-led solutions in any situation.”

Noreen Blanluet, Life Coach

"Thank you for helping to turn my life around..."
I was unhappy and negative and I made excuses to avoid confronting low confidence and self-esteem issues. A month later I’m in a totally different place. It was the best investment for my sanity and life’

Gail Ivens

"A hugely satisfying and rewarding experience..."
Thank you so much. You got to the heart of things very quickly and what you so quickly identified was fascinating; what’s also remarkable is that the pains I had are most noticeable by their absence. I’m truly impressed with you and your clarity and focus. I feel full of energy and ready to face myself for the first time in years. Maybe the first time ever.

M. Coleman

"The most profound experience of the last 41 years of my life..."
The path that we have walked together over the last six months has been the most profound experience of the last 41 years of my life. I feel that words cannot adequately express how it feels to have another person take such care and demonstrate such dedication, honesty and commitment toward showing me who I am and who I can yet be.

David Longster, Hampshire
"I think it was her laugh that struck me most when I first met Helen..."
It comes easily and is full of life. It’s contagious and even with the world on your shoulders that laughter suggests things aren’t hopeless after all. She’s light and easy to be with and you find she can see right to your heart. She is no nonsense, practical and definitely gifted. She can talk briefly and you know she already understands what’s wrong. Soon – to your surprise – she is turning you round to look at the pain, the problems, but from a whole new vantage point. You no longer look at the result – the hurt – she guides you gently but swiftly to the cause and you may be shocked to find that it runs deeper and from much longer ago than you thought. Traumatic? I suppose it could be; yet Helen’s skill isn’t just in her ability to see. Her gentle humour and her firm support give strength. She’s like an anchor – unwavering in her hold of both the problem and the person.”

Helen Livesey-Jones, Journalist