Helen Wingstedt


Wellness Programmes 

Most people don’t understand psychiatry, brain chemistry or complex biology. Because they believe they need to know, and don’t, they put their lives in the hands of doctors to provide a ‘cure’.

If your problem is medical, doctors can help with repairs, if it’s non-medical, they can’t. 

Wellness isn’t a matter of illness; it’s a non-medical matter involving mental and emotional states. Understand your mental and emotional states with a view to changing them and wellness rapidly improves, as hundreds of my happy, satisfied clients already know.

The road to wellness, native American style, is simple, involving sessions that are personalised to you.

An introductory ‘Taster’ session is the first step. This gives us the chance to meet each other; for you to learn more and for me to decide if I can help you and if I can, what that will entail in terms of a Programme. 

Introductory sessions last 45 minutes and cost £45. Please email me to confirm availability and book.


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